Sean at Con Hall

Sean at Con Hall
Yamaha promo shot at Convocation Hall/Toronto

Friday, 4 November 2011

Everybody's Workin' For The Weekend...

Well, at least I am...heading to Seneca Casino in Niagara Falls NY to do an acoustic duo gig with my pal Carl Dixon. Carl is the lead vocalist of Coney Hatch, and was also hired to sing for the Guess Who when Burton Cummings departed...a tough gig, but one he handled with aplomb.

The Casino gig sees us covering a lot of material from the Guess Who catalogue, as well as tunes from Carl's solo and Coney Hatch stuff and a wide variety of 70's FM radio classics....because Carl has been playing these songs for years, it is often a "learn on the job" situation for me, but I enjoy the challenge.

The best part of this gig is the hang...Carl is a very intelligent guy, and as a survivor of a horrific car crash in Australia in 2008, his perspective on life is refreshing and valued...go check out his website, and pick up a copy of his new album Lucky Dog. It is wonderfully void of cynicism, and chock full o' great tunes and inspiring vocal performances.

Next week....I get my studio in order!!!

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