Sean at Con Hall

Sean at Con Hall
Yamaha promo shot at Convocation Hall/Toronto

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Fun and Faith...cornerstones of the new music business?

I just got back from a great meeting with my record label. We looked over royalty statements that we couldn't understand (but how cool to get full disclosure from a label...when does that ever happen??), and talked about the new realities that face artists and labels alike. You'd have to be living under a rock to not know that it is a tough grind out there.

Doesn't sound all that great yet, does it? However, one word kept coming up over and over again that made the meeting so! Fun is the driving factor behind anything I do in the music business...and I was thrilled to hear it was the driving motivation behind my record company as well. I am fortunate that the records I have made for Opening Day Entertainment have, to date, been successful enough to allow me to make more records. My sales numbers are certainly not making anyone rich, but they aren't driving anyone into the poor house either. I guess this puts me in a position to make records because it'! Sitting in that meeting, discussing grassroots approaches to marketing my new Where The Wood Meets The Wire record and reaching out to people through a variety of different media was very exciting, and I was thrilled to listen to and participate in such a conversation. These people were having fun thinking of ways to buck current trends, and start new ones...trends that were artist friendly, and goals that were achievable and realistic.

An interesting thing happens when you are having fun and doing something you develop faith that there may be people like yourself out there that feel the same way, and this in turn attracts like minded people to your activities. When I am doing something that brings me (and hopefully others) joy, I am always filled with a great sense of faith that things will work out.

Anyway...I could spend the whole day rambling about this. I guess I'm just feeling very blessed that I get to work with such great people. I truly admired the art and creativity that goes into all facets of bringing music to the public, and I have faith that this team is going to bring a lot of great music to people for years to come...and of course, have fun doing it!

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