Sean at Con Hall

Sean at Con Hall
Yamaha promo shot at Convocation Hall/Toronto

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Studio Work in 2011

Just reflecting on some of the studio work I've done this's so great to look back on the releases, like a rock n roll yearbook! Here is a list of projects that were officially released in 2011 that I was involved in

Sean Kelly - Where The Wood Meets The Wire (Opening Day/Universal/E1)
Helix - Smash Hits...Unplugged! (EMI)
Helix - Skin In The Game EP (Helix Records)
Carole Pope - Landfall
Warren Dean Flandez - Seven singles from Cover Me Canada (various producers including Hawksley Workman, Gavin Brown, Kuya Bros, John and Me)

I also worked on albums from Nelly Furtado and Gilby Clarke, which will likely see release in 2012...I plan on recording some new Crash Kelly material in 2012 as well, and hope that the universe will throw me some more interesting projects!

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